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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning

Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour, #3)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402245858
Pages:400 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Erotica
Series:  Sinners on Tour-1,2,4,5
Challenges- TK
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Where's the Fine Line...
Between darkness and desire
Need and oblivion
Pain and pleasure

A man as talented as Sinner bass guitarist Jace Seymour needs a woman who can beat out his self-doubt...
A woman as strong as Mistress V needs a man she can't always overpower...
And in each other's tight embrace, an escape from harsh reality is always a welcome diversion...


My Review:

This series started off very strong with Backstage Pass and quickly landed on my favorite series list. The last book, Double Time, was a bit iffy for me but I really loved this one.

I wondered about how much I was going to be able to identify with Aggie based on Trey's book but I was completely surprised to find that she was one of the most relatable heroines in the series so far. She was smart, strong and the perfect match for Jace in every way possible. I loved Jace, too. I am not exactly sure what I was expecting from him but I was not expecting the emotional depth. His story was heart-wrenching. I thought Trey would be my favorite of the Sinners but it's definitely Jace (or Eric).

I really did like this book quite a bit. I loved Jace and Aggie together. They had the most sweet of connections even with their kinks and I think they had the most chemistry out of all of the couples in the series so far. I do wish that the books had been released in order. It was jarring to read Jace's book that was released after Trey's book which happens later. It would have been lovely to meet Aggie when Jace does instead I am left with the knowledge of who both Jace and Eric will end up with without reading their books. It was quite jarring and left me feeling off kilter. I'm not against spoilers by any means but releasing books out of order in a series is problematic, at least for me. I highly advise readers to read the series in chronological order—Brian, Sed, Jace, Eric (to be released--and is very high on my wishlist) and Trey.

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