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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Once Again A Bride by Jane Ashford

Once Again a BridePublisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402276729
Pages: 384 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical
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She Couldn't Be More Alone

Widowhood has freed Charlotte Wylde from a demoralizing and miserable marriage. But when her husband's intriguing nephew and heir arrives to take over the estate, Charlotte discovers she's unsafe in her own home...

Alec Wylde was shocked by his uncle's untimely death, and even more shocked to encounter his uncle's beautiful young widow. Now clouds of suspicion are gathering, and charges of murder hover over Charlotte's head.

He Could Be Her Only Hope...or Her Next Victim


My Review:

This is my first Jane Ashford book and I can't tell you how much I loved it. Well, I can because I'm reviewing it but you know what I mean.

I loved Charlotte. I empathized with her. Her husband was a nodcock who used all of her dowry to bu artifacts and historical junk. But I really loved that she was so strong. She was not one of those “cry all the time” heroines. Her journey throughout this book is heartwrenching. She had a bit of the Jane Eyre feeling to her although perhaps not as maudlin. Alec was a bit of a conundrum. He was so duty driven. He wasn't cold really but he was very “by the book.” His interactions with his sisters, and later Charlotte herself, really gave us a nice glimpse into his softer side.

The chemistry between Charlotte and Alec was borderline perfect. They started very distrustful of each other. It was a slow burn and I love that when the author takes time to develop the love story. The secondary romance between Ethan and Lucy was almost as interesting as the Charlotte and Alec. I adore great secondary romances. I also loved the Upstairs/Downstairs—and yes Downton Abbey---feel to it.

I loved this book. I will be looking forward to Jane Ashford's books. I have a feeling she will soon be a part of my auto-buy list.


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