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Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Highland Fling by Amanda Scott

Highland FlingPublisher: Open Road
ISBN: 1480406821
Pages: 490 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical/Highlander
Series:   Highland
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Forbidden passion has never been more dangerous—or more irresistible—in the first novel of bestselling author Amanda Scott’s spellbinding Highland series.

Scotland, 1750. In the aftermath of the Jacobite rebellion, Maggie MacDrumin vows to keep fighting to liberate her people. But the intrepid Scotswoman is risking her life for a dangerous cause. When her latest mission lands her in a London courtroom on a trumped-up larceny charge, she has only one hope of survival. Enlisting the aid of Edward Carsley, the powerful fourth Earl of Rothwell, is a two-edged sword. The seductive aristocrat who awakens treacherous desire is her clan’s mortal enemy—a man she can never trust.   Edward will do whatever it takes to quell another bloody uprising. But how can he fight his passion for the rebellious Highland beauty in his safekeeping? As their lives come under siege, Maggie lays claim to the one thing Edward vowed never to surrender: his heart.

My Review:

Amanda Scott is a rare case for me. I usually prefer an author's early works. I don't know why but I do. But with Amanda Scott, her later works are my favorite. Nevertheless, I was excited to read Highland Fling.

I really liked Maggie. I loved her independence and strength. She was such a strong heroine. She's not like many of the heroine I have come across recently. She very rarely crossed the line between being strong and brave and being fool-hardy and obnoxious. I really liked Edward as well. I enjoyed him. He had just as strong a personality as I liked watching him try to figure out how to control Maggie when there is simply no controlling her. It was a battle of wills and it was interesting to see how that battle played out.

I really liked this one. It did take me a while to get through this book—about 2 or 3 days---but I am in the middle of an epic reading slump of great magnitude. I loved how historically detailed it was. At times, it did not feel as if I was reading a romance novel. That may not be a positive point for some but I am a history geek and I appreciate such things. It didn't take any focus away from Maggie and Edward as well. I thought Maggie and Edward's chemistry was great. I love that they were on opposite sides and it really played well into the conflict.

Highland Fling may not go on my list of favorites but if you like romances with great historical detail, give this one a try.

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