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Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: A Highland Werewolf Wedding by Terry Spear

A Highland Werewolf Wedding (Heart of the Wolf, #11)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402266839
Pages: 384 pages
 Series:  Heart of the Wolf-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10
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On The Run...
After werewolves Elaine Hawthorn and Cearnach MacNeill almost have a head-on collision on a foggy Highland road, they're pretty well stuck with each other. It'll be hours before anyone can get there to pull his car out of the ditch and they both have better places to be.
And Nowhere to Hide From Each Other...
The sexy little American brings out all of Cearnach's big bag protective instincts. If she thought she was in trouble before, Elaine has no idea what kind of complications a hot Scot can cause...
Delightful, steamy, and devilishly funny, join the hundreds of thousands of readers who already discovered that USA Today bestseller Terry Spear delivers a sizzle worth howling about.


My Review:

I apologize for my lack of reviews lately. Rainy weather cause my migraines to worsen. Usually they are a rarity but when the rain comes, I can always guarantee at least one and it's been pretty bad lately.
Terry Spear has a bit hit or miss with me lately. I loved most of her books but the last couple haven't quite worked for me. I have been waiting for the one book to get me back into her series and I think this may be the one.

Initially, I had the same feelings about Elaine that I have had about some of Terry Spear's heroines lately—I just didn't like her—but as the book went on, she grew on me. She was likable and she had a real strength that I like to see in my heroines. I was so happy to see her rebound after we got off on the wrong foot because if I don't like the heroine or hero, I usually hate the book. Cearnach was such a great hero. He was probably my one of my favorite heroes in the whole series...and it's quite a long series. He was strong and brave but a bit scampy too.

I was so happy to find another Terry Spear book that I loved. This series was definitely one of my favorites and it has rebounded for me after a few misses. The chemistry between Elaine and Cearnach was great. Cearnach's sorta scampy nature made it interesting. I didn't like how Elaine treated Cearnach in the beginning but it didn't last long. I also thought that the action in this one was pretty great. It didn't take over the storyline or the romance which I really appreciated. I really can't wait for the next Terry Spear book.


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