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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Review Format

This has been in the works for a while. I have decided to change my review style rather drastically. I have decided to break my reviews down a bit. Simplify them. Make it easier to get them out quickly and perhaps make them more fun to read...Big blocks of text are no fun to read or write.

Here's how I plan on going about it:

Beginning Babble-Initial impressions about the book, author, cover whatever.


Heroine-Description, what I liked about her. What I didn't. If she annoyed me or not. Mary Sue or not.

Hero-Description, rake-itude. What I liked and what I didn't. Did he make me mad or not?

Chemistry-How well did hero and heroine go together? Was their story believable. What type of chemistry did they have?

I have a separate rating system for this.

Note- my opinion of these couples are mine and mine alone. I don't really care that you think Hermione and Ron are perfect together. I don't. She should have ended up with Draco.

Cupcakes- Darcy and Elizabeth- pretty much epic.

5 cups of tea- Anne and Gilbert-Perfectly perfect in every way.

4 cups of tea -Jo and Friedrich- Borderline perfect. Lacks some epicness.

3 cups of tea-Emma and Mr. Knightly-made of meh. I'll likely forget them in an hour.

2 cups of tea-Fanny and Edmund-didn't hate them but didn't like them much either. They bored me. I had to find other reasons to finish this book.

1 cup of tea-Ron and Hermione-How did this author find this couple to be compatible? It's like a horse mating with a goose. It's just not feasible. The most incompatible couple. Lazy writing. Lazy storytelling. Dreck.

Ending BabbleWriting style, author fangirling, anything I particularly loved, hated.

I really hope this works because I'm really loving breaking down my reviews like this. Let me know what you guys think :)

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