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Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Meet Me at The Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe: A Novel with RecipesPublisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN: 1402281803
Pages: 432 pages
Genre:  Fiction/Chick Lit
Series:   Meet Me at The Cupcake Café
Challenges- 2013 150+ Challenge , 2013 Read-A-Latte Challenge ,Romance Reading Challenge 2013, The 2013 Literary Exploration Reading Challenge, 2013 Outdo Yourself Challenge
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Issy Randall can bake. No, Issy can create stunning, mouthwateringly divine cakes. After a childhood spent in her beloved Grampa Joe's bakery, she has undoubtedly inherited his talent. She's much better at baking than she is a filing so when she's laid off from her desk job, Issy decides to open her own little café. But she soon learns that her piece-of-cake plan will take all of her courage and confectionary talent to avert disaster.

Funny and sharp, Meet Me at the Cupcake Café is about how life might not always taste like you expect, but there's always room for dessert!


My Review:

Intro Babble: I was initially attracted to this book because it seemed like a nice lighthearted read about one of my favorite things to do—baking. And I was right. I liked it. It may not go on my favorites list but it was a nice distraction on a hot day when I was, oddly enough, baking cupcakes.


Heroine: Issy-This girl walked the line between frustrating me and being extremely likable. She seemed a bit dippy at times but it was also the same dippiness that becomes quite endearing after a while. I also didn't like what a pushover she was for her boyfried Graeme. I wanted her to kick him to the curb so badly most of the time but it took her so long to get to that point.

Hero: Austin-Loved him. He was the smooshiest of the sweetest heroes ever. I felt more attached to him than I did Issy which added to me wanting to kick Issy. He's genuinely a good guy which sometimes can be a bit of a rarity.

Chemistry: I really did ship Issy and Austin very hard. Which presented a sort of problem. Issy was kind of blind. I wanted to shake the girl because Graeme was clearly bad news. But Austin and Issy did have a very sweet connection but I don't think I enjoyed this book as much as I did for the romance, oddly enough. I was much more engrossed in Issy's story not necessarily the romance.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babbly: I liked Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe very much. The humor was the exact sort that appeals to me. Very light and good for a chuckle here and there. I also loved that the focus was more on Issy's story as a whole and not so much laser-focused on romance. The secondary characters were also a great part of the story. They were lively and interesting on their own. I did find the recipes to be a nice touch—especially Grandpa Joe's commentary. I am a baker so I may try a couple...not anytime soon because it's over 100 degrees out there but someday. I am almost jealous of Issy. She had all of those recipes handed down to her. I had to figure out all of mine because my family doesn't write anything down.

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