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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Release Day Goodies: The Knight's Temptress by Amanda Scott

The Knight's Temptress (Lairds of the Loch, #2)



Sir Ian Colquhoun has never feared danger. So when Lady Lachina MacFarlan is captured by a ruthless enemy, mounting a daring rescue seems only natural for the courageous knight. But once he has Lina safe in his arms, he sees that the prim young girl from his youth has grown into an alluring woman of extraordinary gifts. When circumstances force him to take her as his wife, the stakes-for her life and their growing love-rise even higher.


Grateful for Ian's bravery, though wary of his recklessness, Lina agrees to his unexpected proposal. As the two begin to know each other as husband and wife, Lina realizes that she desires more than a passionate protector. But when evil threatens both her family and the knight she has come to love, the lady must take the greatest  chance of all . . .

Fun Facts:

  1. Prisoners of war, like Sir Magnus Mòr Galbraith, husband of Lady Lachina’s sister Andrena, develop extraordinary senses and/or perceptual abilities as matters of survival. Some of these abilities are ones that women innately possess, such the ability to multitask, sharper hearing, a sharper sense of smell, and wider peripheral vision. Males normally have a much “narrower view,” and although many men of the computer age might insist that they can “multitask”, they will still insist that others mute the TV if they get a phone call, while their wives can keep track of TV, children, husbands, recipes, and whatever is cooking without difficulty. —See Alan & Barbara Pease, Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps

  2. In the middle of writing The Knight’s Temptress, my husband and I decided at last to get rid of our ancient bed and treated ourselves to one that adjusts for position and vibrates for massage. Our four-year-old grandson is delighted with it. He asks permission to “ride the bed”, climbs up, settles himself warily against the pillows, and nods when I ask if he is ready. After I raise the head and foot to where he wants them, he says, “Shake the bed, Mimi!” Our cat, Willie Magee, gets the same wary look on his face when the bed moves.

  3. My crazy cat, Willie Magee, who was a kitten and therefore the model for the “wee biter” in Seduced by a Rogue, continues to offer unneeded advice and help with my work. He has managed to delete as many as three pages of work, evidently thinking it unsuitable for public view. Since he is too big now to sit comfortably on my lap while I work, he sprawls across the keyboard instead and looks indignant when I move him. He has also learned to “talk” and expresses himself in other ways, such as banging cupboard doors if he thinks he is being ignored.

  4. I spend much of each summer by and on the water and have done so since I was two or three, and I was also stroke for a champion women’s crew when I was in college. Since the sea was the primary highway for Highlanders and Islesmen—and since “the sea” includes the firths and lochs that open onto it—I have been able to draw on my own experience in many ways when writing books about the western Highlands and the Isles of Scotland.


“I haven’t kissed you properly yet,” Ian said, taking Lina by the shoulders and drawing her slowly nearer, tantalizing himself with lusty images as he did.

Someone had lit a cresset on a corner table and several branches of candles, so he had light enough to see her eyes widen and her pupils enlarge.

Her dusky eyelashes fluttered lower.

The bed—invitingly large—stood behind her, its dark red curtains tied back to show that someone had turned down the covers for them.

Putting two fingers beneath her chin, Ian tilted her head up and touched her lips gently with his as he had earlier. Feeling her tremble, he pressed harder and eased his free hand from her warm shoulder down her back. Then, he urged her closer, wanting her to feel the length of his body against hers for the first time. 

“I think I’ve dreamed this,” she murmured against his lips.

“Have you?” he murmured back. “I hope not all of this. That would be most unseemly for a maiden, lass. Did you dream this part?” he added, sliding his tongue into her mouth. Then, moving the hand at her chin to cup the back of her head, he held her so that she would not pull it back. 

As he explored her mouth with his tongue, he deftly removed her veil. Then, casting it aside, he wove his fingers into the thick, silky coils of her hair. His tongue continued working busily, tantalizingly, in the velvety confines of her mouth. 

He felt her soft breasts swell against him.

When she moaned softly, he eased his fingers through her hair, finding pins and loosening the coil and then her golden plaits. His free hand drifted from the small of her back to the curve of her bottom.

“You taste like honey,” he murmured against her lips. He savored the taste and tasted again.

She was silent but wonderfully submissive as if she were willing to learn as he explored her, and once again, he marveled at her calm. But it stirred him, too, as it had in the past, when it had stirred him to mischief. Now, it stirred other senses. 

He wanted her even more than he had anticipated. But, his father had often said that a marriage was a long and often thorny relationship. One did well to remember that and not proceed as if one had just received a new plaything.

“I see that you have set me a new challenge,” he whispered in her ear.

“What?” Her breath touched his neck, sending blood coursing through him.

“To make you want me just half as much as I want you.”

With a little gasp, she pulled back enough to look at him, her rosy lips softly, sensuously parted. Her eyes warmly reflected the golden glow of the candlelit room.

Sure of himself now, he reached for her kirtle laces.

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