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Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Love on a Midsummer Night by Christy English

Love on a Midsummer Night (Shakespeare in Love, #2)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402270488
Pages: 320 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical
Series:   Shakespeare in Love-1
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How to Avoid an Unwanted Marriage:

1. Track down his first love
2. Slap his face when he propositions you to become his mistress
3. Flee the countryside with aforementioned scoundrel
4. Join a traveling troupe of Shakespearean actors
5. Don't fall under the enchantment of a magical midsummer moon...

To escape the scheming, pawing clutches of her late husband's nephew, Arabella Darlington turns to Raymond Olivier, the only man she ever loved, for help. But the sweet Raymond she knew as a girl is now the dissolute Earl of Pembroke—the most notorious rake in London.

When the situation turns deadly, Arabella and Raymond are forced to hide in the country. As she finds herself succumbing to Raymond's puckish charm, Arabella starts formulating a new plan: how to persuade a rake to propose.


My Review:

Beginning Babble: Can I take this time to admit to something? I dislike Shakespeare with a fierce intensity. When his works were taught in school, I was reading another book under my desk. It's not exactly something I am very proud of but we all have those things...Shakespeare is mine. In spite of my deficiencies, I did love this book. A whole lot.


Heroine: Arabella- I really loved her. She was a strong, smart heroine with a good deal of emotional depth. It was easy to empathize with her. I do wish she had a bit more backbone at times but I really did love her.

Hero: Raymond-He's a bit bitter but he has reason to be. He's a good dude that has had very bad and sad things happen to him. And I think that's why I like him. He's also quite a bit of a rake...which, oddly enough makes me love him more.

Chemistry: The lost love story is always one of my favorite. It provides some of the best angst which I love. This one is definitely one of the prime examples of the lost love storyline. Arabella was forced to marry an old duke and abandon Raymond. Raymond, of course, is clueless that she was forced into marrying someone else and thought she just threw him over. Isn't that just heartbreaking? Arabella and Raymond had some of the very best chemistry and their love was obvious even through their long separation.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: I loved this book—even with the Shakespeare. The characters were engaging and their story was so heart wrenching. The writing was excellent as well. There were quite a few loose ends at the end of the book that I hope are tied up in the next book. I really need to get a copy of the first book in the series...

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