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Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: And Then She Fell by Stephanie Laurens

Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 0062068644
Pages: 448
Genre: Romance/Historical/Regency
Series:  Cynster Family-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Challenges- 2013 150+ Challenge , 2013 Read-A-Latte Challenge ,Romance Reading Challenge 2013, 2013 Outdo Yourself Challenge
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Set in Regency England, London’s Henrietta Cynster, known as “The Matchbreaker” has a special talent for making sure that bad marriages never happen. After breaking up one ill-suited couple, Henrietta is obligated to find the perfect bride for the debonair James Glossup.

The assignment proves to be a challenging one for the single-minded Henrietta, who believes that finding love isn’t in her own stars. But Henrietta discovers—in spite of her personal denials of love—that both she and James are indisputably drawn to each other.


My Review:

Beginning Babble: I am finally catching up with my e-book reviews. Ever since my Nook decided to take a dive into a puddle, I have been without an e-reader---until now of course. I am also finally catching up on my back reviews. I have so many that I have yet to post. Anyway, onto the book. Stephanie Laurens is one of my favorites. She is not only one of my auto-buy authors—she is one of my “buy two copies immediately authors.” Yes, two copies. One for reading and one for safe keeping. I think this is one of my favorites. Not only cause it's a Cynster novel but it's really one of the best romances I've read it quite a while.


Heroine: Henrietta-I loved her. So much. She's 29 so she's more mature than most heroinesI have come across recently. She's also a smart cookie and I love how she works as a “Matchbreaker.” She is hired by ladies of the ton to discover the intentions (good or bad) of their betrothed. I just find that kind of awesome.

Hero:James-I liked him just as much as I liked Henrietta. He was more mellow than I was expecting. I was expecting more of a rakish hero but he was definitely more of the sweet type. He's definitely one of the better Cynster heroes, in my opinion.

Chemistry:James is one of the suitors that Henietta is investigating. Henietta broke his betrothal. He has to marry so Henrietta has to find him someone to replace the match she broke. He is also a friend of her brother, Simon. Someone is trying to kill Henrietta. All of this makes the situation complicated. In spite of all the complication, James and Henrietta are sweet and perfect together. The complications never really result in much angst or big bad misunderstandings.


Ending Babble: The Cynster books are my favorites out of Stephanie Laurens series. Laurens always writes a great romance with awesome chemistry, likable characters, witty dialog butI have to be in a specific mood to work my way through the Bastion Club or the Black Cobra Quartet but I can read the Cynster books over and over again. This, like most of Stephanie Laurens' books, has a mystery plot but the mystery plot does not take over the romance unlike the Bastion Club and Black Cobra Quartet. I find that that is a trait unique to the Cynster books and one that I greatly appreciate.

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