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Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: The Christmas He Loved Her by Juliana Stone

The Christmas He Loved Her (Bad Boys of Crystal Lake, #2)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402274831
Pages: 353 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Small Town
Series:  Bad Boys of Crystal Lake-1
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All he wants this Christmas is her...

In the small town of Crystal Lake, Christmas is a time for sledding, hot chocolate, and cozying up to the fire with those you love. For Jake Edwards, it's also time to come home and face the music. He thought there would never be anything harder than losing his brother. Turns out there is: falling in love with his brother's widow, Raine.

Ever since they were little, Jesse was the Edwards brother who was always there for her, and Jake was the one who knew just how to push her buttons. Raine can't imagine a life without them, which is why it was doubly decimating when Jake left town after his brother's sudden death. Now he's back and she doesn't know whether to be mad or thrilled. Maybe both. Or maybe it will be the perfect chance for both of them to finally find happiness again.

My Review:

Beginning Babble: I loved the first book in this series, The Summer He Came Home, and I was really looking forward to this one. I was a little bit apprehensive because holiday stories and me never really get along but I figured, why not?


Heroine: Raine-I did like her but it was one of those cases where I find little things that annoy me about her. I just couldn't make a connection. I do have to say that I liked her more than I liked Maggie which is a small victory in and of itself. The points where she annoyed me, she annoyed me badly but when I liked her, I liked her a lot. 

Hero: Jake-As much as I did not make a connection to Raine, I made a huge connection to Jake. He was such a strong and steady hero. I don't know if I'll put him on my favorite hero list but I definitely did like him quite a bit. I seem to like Stone's heroes more than her heroines.

Chemistry: She was the widow of the hero's brother. That fact added an interesting dynamic and some tension. Raine and Jake had their own heartbreaking past together. Basically their past was full of gut wrenching angst. I love it when the hero and heroine have a complex history together. It adds such a depth to the story.

Chemistry Rating: 
Ending Babble: I am quickly becoming a huge Juliana Stone fan. Her writing style just works for me. I do wish that I could make more of a connection to her heroines but maybe in the next book. Again, I don't think this is going on my favorites list but I do think it was a great book and I will be looking forward to more from this series and Juliana Stone. I do hope that I like the heroine more in the next one.


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't like Maggie in THE SUMMER HE CAME HOME. I've been hestitant to read this one because of Maggie. I'm a huge fan of Juliana's books normally. Might read yet. ;-)
    Thanks for the scoop.

    1. Maggie was the only drawback from The Summer He Came Home. She struck me as very judgy. I do love Stone's heroes though. I'm still planning on reading The Day He Kissed Her because I love Juliana Stone's writing style so very much.



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