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Monday, March 31, 2014

Review: The Last Time I Saw You by Eleanor Moran

The Last Time I Saw YouPublisher: Quercus
ISBN: 1623651336
Pages: 496 pages
Genre: Fiction
Challenges- TK
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When Olivia Berrington gets the call to tell her that her best friend from college has been killed in a car crash in New York, her life is turned upside down. Her relationship with Sally was an exhilarating roller coaster, until a shocking betrayal drove them apart. But if Sally really had turned her back, why is her little girl named after Olivia?

As questions mount about the fatal accident, Olivia is forced to go back and unravel their tangled history. But as Sally’s secrets start to spill out, Olivia’s left asking herself if the past is best kept buried.

My Review:

It’s been a while since I have read a non-romance. Sometimes you need a break even from something you love so much. And this was the perfect choice for my romance novel break. It was so very good.

Olivia was a someone I liked almost immediately. She was unassuming and kind of quiet. At times, she did come across as a bit wishy-washy. But her voice was so strong and I couldn’t help but identify with her.  Sally, Olivia's deceased college friend, on the other hand, I had a more difficult time with. The type of person who hates when attention is focused on anyone but them and who can cut off a friendship with even the slightest reason. But Sally's story is told from  I found it particularly interesting that I was able to identify with both women.

I walked into this book not really knowing what to expect but I ended up really enjoying it. I really enjoyed the exploration of friendship—especially the friendships you form when you are young and just figuring yourself out and often those friendships just fall by the wayside as you mature. I loved the unraveling of the friendship between these women and the mystery behind Sally's fate. It was a mystery in a not-mystery way but still really quite a bit of a mystery and I really loved it.

About the Author:

Eleanor Moran is the author of three previous novels: Stick or TwistMr Almost Right and Breakfast in Bed, which is currently being developed for television. Eleanor also works as a television drama executive and her TV credits includeRome, MI5, SpooksBeing Human and a biopic of Enid Blyton, Enid, starring Helena Bonham Carter. Eleanor grew up in North London, where she still lives.

Twitter: @EleanorKMoran
Eleanor Moran’s Website:


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