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Monday, April 7, 2014

Review and Giveaway: California Thyme by Casey Dawes

California ThymePublisher: Crimson Romance
ISBN: 144058091X
Pages: 274 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
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Caterer Mandy Parker doesn’t want to turn out like her mother, an aging bi-polar actress desperate for the love. Avoiding anything Hollywood-related is vital for Mandy’s sanity. Her ideal man has a nine-to-five job and coaches Little League—someone true to her and to their family, unlike her philandering Hollywood producer father. But when waitress shifts at Costanoa Grill are cut, she’s forced to find additional work as a movie caterer.

Since the woman he’d loved had married his best friend, movie set location manager James Lubbock has put women far behind advancing in his career. The assistant caterer is attractive, but he’s more focused on figuring out who was sabotaging his set. If he can’t determine the culprit, he’ll lose everything he’s worked for over the last five years.

Sparks fly between Mandy and James, but can they overcome their painful pasts to risk a chance on each other?

My Review:

Beginning Babble-I am officially in the middle of a reading slump of great proportions. Every books I pick up is all "Meh" and I am all sad. I don't even have a way out of it because I just finished my annual reread of Anne of Green Gables and that's usually my slump buster. So any slump busting reading suggestions would be very welcome. I am also happy to say that I read California Thyme way before my reading slump started and I really enjoyed it.


Heroine: Mandy-It took me a while to warm up to her. For some reason, I just had a bit of a disconnect with her. It happens. This was one of those rare cases where the heroine is perfectly okay--smart, reliable, likable with an interesting backstory ---but the reader--mainly just me-- just can't connect to her.

Hero: James-Now just as much as I was ambivalent about Mandy, I was so totally not ambivalent about James. I loved him. He was one of the most quietly awesome heroes I have come across in a long while. He was awesome--kind, sweet, nice guy. He had angsty bits in his past and they gave him some nice depth.

Chemistry-This is where it gets interesting. In normal cases, I usually end up not liking the book if I am all "meh" with either the hero or heroine in a romance. But this was completely different because while I may have had my issues with Mandy on her own, when paired with James she was perfect. They worked so well off of each other. They each had their own difficulties in the past that they had to work through and they had such great chemistry

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble-I started this book without an expectations. As I do with most authors I have never read before. I do my best to avoid reviews and such so I can form my own opinions without any noise. California Thyme exceeded all of my expectations. Even with my issues with Mandy. I loved the writing style, the characters, the character development.

About the author
Casey Dawes has lived a varied life--some by choice, some by circumstance. Her master’s degree in theater didn’t prepare her for anything practical, so she’s been a teacher, stage hand, secretary, database guru, manager in Corporate America, business coach, and writer.
With a few marriages, two sons, and three step-children, her personal life was a challenge when she met and married her current husband who has proved to be the love of her life. They reside in Montana where she quilts, writes, and coaches on the banks of the Clark Fork River. The couple has been adopted by two gently used cats.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me on the release day for California Thyme! And for your wonderful review!



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