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Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: The MacGregor's Lady by Grace Burrowes

The MacGregor's Lady (MacGregor Trilogy, #3)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 406 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical/Regency
 Series: The MacGregors-1,2
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What if the steps they take to avoid marriage...

The last thing Asher MacGregor, newly titled Earl of Balfour, wants is a society wife, though he has agreed to squire Boston heiress Hannah Cooper about the London ballrooms. When he's met that obligation, he'll return to the Highlands, and resume the myriad responsibilities awaiting him there.

...Lead instead to impossible love?

At her step-father's insistence, Hannah Cooper must endure a London season, though she has no intention of surrendering her inheritance to a fortune hunter. When she's done her duty, she'll return to Boston and the siblings who depend upon her for their safety... or will she? The taciturn Scottish earl suits her purposes admirably-until genuine liking and unexpected passion bring Asher and Hannah close. For if the Scottish earl and the American heiress fall in love, an ocean of differences threatens to keep them apart.

My Review:

Intro Babble-I am a big huge fan of Grace Burrowes. I love all of her books in an embarrassing fangirl kind of way. But it took me a bit longer than usual to get through this one. I have no idea why. This book was beyond excellent. I hope it's not the start of another epic reading slump of doom.


Heroine: Hannah-I spent the majority of the book in a state of complete frustration with her. Usually, this is a signal of a bad heroine. But in this case, it wasn't. I liked her anyway. I loved that she was fiercely loyal to her family. That's something I really admired about her.

Hero: Asher: Oh dear did I love Asher. He was such an excellent hero. He was sweet and kind with a bit of a tough edge. I love it when I come across a hero that manages to be incredibly sweet but have some gritty edges to him. Grace Burrowes does that excellently with most of her heroes.

Chemistry: I found the dynamic between Hannah and Asher to be quite interesting. Hannah is very loyal to her Grandmother who lives in Boston so she is almost always completely focused on protecting and eventually returning to her Grandmother. It was a very interesting roadblock and something I haven't encountered many times but I loved it and loved how it was resolved.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: I am still waiting to read a Grace Burrowes book that I don't love. At this point, having read almost all of them, I am pretty sure it won't happen. I absolutely love how Burrowes writes heroes and her heroines are just perfect. It did take me awhile to get through this one but that doesn't say anything bad about the book because I think it would take me a month to get through a take out menu right now.

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