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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Wed at Leisure by Sabrina Darby

Wed at Leisure (Taming, #2)Publisher: Avon Impulse
ISBN: 0062304518
Pages: 100 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical
Series:  Taming-1
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In all of Sussex—scratch that—in all of England, there is no one prettier than Kate Mansfield, and Peter Colburn, heir to the Duke of Orland, has known that since the age of 15. But since her vivacious nature comes with a temper to match, Peter has always masked his hunger for her behind ruthless teasing.

As far as Kate is concerned, there is no one as annoying or as incredibly handsome as Peter. So when he surprises her with a sudden and romantic courtship, Kate is sure this must be his idea of a sick joke. After all, he's the one man who knows how flawed she really is. And the only man to whom she has ever been so attracted. It's only after she rejects him that she realizes he might actually have been serious. And she just might be regretting her hasty decision.

As Kate's determination wars with her traitorous heart, it may be too late. Now she's putting everything, including her reputation, on the line to give this accidental tragedy a happy ending.

My Review:

Intro Babble: Kate is my favorite character in all of Shakespeare. That being said, I don't like Shakespeare very much. But, nevertheless, I have always identified with the shrew. I spent much of the time I was reading Woo'd in Haste anticipating reading Wed at Leisure.


Heroine: Kate-I loved Kate as I expected I would. Some may dismiss her as just a typically bratty character but she had her reasons for raising hell. I wanted to give her whole family a sound wallop especially her mother. She had such emotional depth. She wasn't exactly likable all the time but I always empathized with her.

Hero: Peter-When you first meet Peter you wonder how he could be the one to end up with Kate. His is such a mellow and fun character. He was immediately likable and I worried for him because I thought Kate would tear him limb from limb.

Chemistry-When you first meet Kate and Peter, it's almost amazing to think that these two completely different people can have even the slightest bit of believable chemistry. But they do. And I think it's their differences that make it work. Kate and Peter make each other better. In a way, I think this works better than Bianca and Lucien who are very similar.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: I loved this book. I liked Woo'd in Haste but this is the book that will keep me coming back to this series. I love Kate and Peter and they had such amazing chemistry even though I doubted that Peter would even manage to survive Kate. I really loved the contrast in Kate and Peter's characters and the way Darby was able to build chemistry based on those differences.

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