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Monday, May 12, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Winning Miss Wakefield by Vivienne Lorret

Winning Miss Wakefield (Wallflower Weddings, #2)Publisher: Avon Impulse
Pages: 300 p
Genre: Romance/Historical/Regency
Series: Wallflower Weddings1
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She's got nothing left to lose …

With her fiancĂ© suddenly engaged to another and her reputation in tatters, Merribeth Wakefield needs a bold plan to reclaim her life. She must be brave. Confident. She must … kiss a rake? The suggestion is ludicrous! Yet when Merribeth finds herself alone with the dark and brooding Lord Knightswold, suddenly the plan doesn't seem so farfetched. So she does something she never thought she'd do—she kisses him.

But he has everything to gain …

The Marquess of Knightswold—Bane to most—has no use for the affections of women. Well, none lasting longer than a single night. A plot for revenge weighs heavy on his mind, leaving no room for romance. But then a shy, witty miss borrows a kiss from him in a darkened room, and everything he thought he knew about innocent debutantes vanishes along with her.

When a twist of fate brings Merribeth within Bane's grasp, he'll have to resist her charms—or risk losing everything—for the sake of his heart.

My Review:

Intro Babble: After finishing Daring Miss Danvers, I was thrilled to start this one. It's a rare second book that can live up to the awesome of the first one but this one accomplishes that.


Heroine: Merribeth-I absolutely loved her. She was smart, strong and brave. I made such an instant connection to her to the point where I felt like punching anyone who was even the slightest bit mean to her. I can say one thing about Vivienne Lorret, she knows how to write a great heroine. That is enough for me to fangirl her.

Hero: Bane- Let me start by saying, how awesome is his name. It just brings to mind Tom Hardy and that never is a bad thing. Never. Ever. I digress. He was a great hero in much the same way that Oliver was a great hero but he was more the traditional alpha. He was also quite the mush when it came to Merribeth.

Chemistry: Merribeth and Bane had the most amazing sort of chemistry. They were the perfect mix of sweetness, intense chemistry and a little bit of angsty goodness. I think they may top Oliver and Emma as my favorite couple in this series. For now.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: It's official. Vivienne Lorret is on the road to being on of my auto-buy authors. Everything about her books is perfect. The dialog, the characters, the storytelling. Everything. I don't fangirl often but when I finished this one, I was fangirling. And I have been in the middle of a reading slump. I start every book with expectations of doom. But this one was excellent. 
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  1. Wow! Grace, thank you for the heartfelt reviews. For me, happy tears are the best way to start a Monday morning and you've done that for me. <3

  2. Thank you for hosting today! Can't wait to start the series myself!



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