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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Stand of Redemption by Cathryn Williams

Stand of Redemption (Stand, #2)Publisher: Young Ink Press
Pages: 217
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Series: Stand-1
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I’m Nicholas Brooks.
Everyone thinks I’m a nice guy, a local fighter who plays by the rules.
I’m not.
I killed someone when I was sixteen.
The women love me, but I use them.
All except Ria.
However, to have her, I’ll have to fight for her.
The pit isn’t for wimps, either. No rules—get the KO.
To earn redemption, there is always a price.
Even if I win, I lose. Because Ria just might be the price I pay.

My Review:

Intro: I really enjoyed Stand of Redemption even though I had a little bit of difficulty with the heroine. It’s been happening to me recently. It’s not yet a slump but it’s getting to that point.


Heroine: Ria-This is has been a trend of my recent reading. I love the book and the hero but the heroine presents a problem for me. Ria isn’t the most egregious case but she did have some traits that I had some trouble with. Her stubbornness had a tendency to grind on my gears a little and sometimes I just wanted to knock some sense into her. But for the most part, I did like her and admired her toughness.

Hero: Nick-As much as I have been annoyed with heroines lately, I have love my heroes. And Nick is no different. I loved him. He was the strong type but a good guy as well. He did do some things that befuddled me as well. But I really did like him.

Chemistry: This is where the book really becomes excellent. The chemistry between Ria and Nick is off the charts. This is one of those books where I like the pairing far more than I do the characters. They just worked so well together. And the drama and angst only added to the awesome.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: I really enjoyed this one. I became so involved with this book. I finished it in less than an hour and I didn’t even realize I was breezing through it that fast. I think I need to get my hands on Stand of Honor. 
Overall Rating

Author Info
Cathryn Williams is the oldest and only female in a family of four children. While born on the east coast, she has lived all over the country. Her father’s job as an engineer caused the family to move throughout her entire youth. She has spent time in Texas, Idaho, and Nevada before moving back to the eastern part of the country as an adult.
It was during these early years that her love of literature began, starting with Nancy Drew and growing with the Sweet Valley High series stories. This passion grew with each book and has caused her to transition into writing her own stories. Cathryn’s inspiration stems from a diverse childhood, loving family, and oversized lapdog Scarlet. When not giving life to her characters, she enjoys traveling, marathoning TV shows, and spending time with her family.

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