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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review and Giveaway: What a Lady Most Desires by Lecia Cornwall

What a Lady Most Desires (Temberlay, #3)Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 0062332406
Pages: 384 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical
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On the night before the final battle against Napoleon, Lady Delphine St. James finds herself dancing with the one man she has always wanted, Major Lord Stephen Ives. He makes it clear he has no time for a lady he sees as flirtatious and silly, but as the call to arms sounds, she bids him farewell with a kiss that stirs them both. When he returns gravely injured, she is intent on caring for him, even if his surly behavior tests her patience.

After the battle, Stephen is not only wounded and blind, but falsely accused of cowardice and theft. The only light in his dark world is Delphine, the one woman he never imagined he could desire. But she deserves more than he can give her.

As their feelings deepen and hidden enemies conspire to force them to part forever, can their love survive the cruelest test of all?

My Review:

Intro: First of all, that cover is straight out of my childhood bodice ripper reading days. It’s perfect. And, yes, I am not ashamed to admit that most of my bodice ripper reading days came in my childhood.


Heroine: Delphine-Delphine was such an excellent heroine. She was smart and strong and all those good things. I loved how she helped Stephen recover even though she wasn’t sure he returned her feelings. I didn’t know whether to find that cute or creepy at first but I landed on cute.

Hero: Stephen-What is it with blind heroes lately? I’ve been inundated with them. I am not complaining. At all. He was also such a sweet hero. I loved how Lecia Cornwall portrayed his recovery. It was gut-wrenching at times.

Chemistry: These two had a case of the stubborns. I spent half the time reading this book squeezing at their adorableness and the other half wanting to bash their heads in. But I love them for it. I also really liked how Delphine was infatuated with Stephen from the start but Stephen was holding a bit of a grudge.

Chemistry Rating:

Conclusion: Lecia Cornwall is one of my favorite historical romance writers. She’s on my list with Lisa Kleypas and Laura Kinsale. Her books are excellent in their angst and complex emotions. This one is no different and I fangirl so hard right now. 

Overall Rating

Author Info
Lecia Cornwall is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America’s Seattle and Calgary Chapters. Her background includes all facets of writing, including running a successful freelance writing business specializing in direct marketing and advertising. Both history and writing have been lifelong passions. Lecia currently lives and writes in Calgary, Alberta, the heart of the Canadian West.

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  1. I love this blog post/review! I agree with her completely about Lecia's stories. They are so well written a reader can almost physically feel what the hero and heroine are feeling, not just what they are thinking or saying. Thanks so much for this post.



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