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Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: Making a Comeback by Kristina Matthews

Making a Comeback (More Than a Game, #3)Publisher: Lyrical Press
Pages: 275 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Sports
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With a divorce in the works, Annabelle Jones heads out to Southern California, the land of sun and starting over. She wants to prove to herself and her young daughters that she still has what it takes to turn heads as a swimsuit model—that she doesn’t need a man to take care of her. Until an accident forces her to rely on the hunky, yet mysterious man next door…

Nathan Cooper is trying to revive his own career. Once a top left-handed relief pitcher, he tried to get over a hidden injury with the aid of banned substances. Not only was he caught and suspended, he was traded and missed out on winning the championship. Now he’s a free agent without a contract, and that means life is ready to play ball…

My Review:

Intro: I have to admit something completely shallow and probably inexcusable before I start with my review. I was initially attracted to this book because of the cover. I know. Completely shallow. But I stuck around because the book was awesome…and I am a complete weakling for sports romance.


Heroine: Annabelle-She was such an amazing heroine. I really loved her strength. I found her to be really likable. This is also going to sound obvious but I loved that she was an amazing mother. In many books, I find that the children of characters fall by the wayside when the romance gets going. That doesn’t happen in Making a Comeback.

Hero: Nathan-I loved him. I really did. I loved that he really made an effort to change and be better not only for Annabelle but for her daughters as well. His relationship with Annabelle’s daughters is one of my very favorite aspects of this book.

Chemistry: Annabelle and Nathan were just so perfect. I did get frustrated with them because they kept trying to keep their distance from each other and I just wanted to scold them very profusely for it. But they were so sweet and I loved that Annabelle’s daughters were as important to Nathan as they were to Annabelle.

Chemistry Rating:

Conclusion: I loved Making a Comeback. I have been on a bit of a sports romance kick and this one was just so awesome. I also normally don’t like books where children or babies play a large role but I didn’t mind it with this one. Nathan was just so cute with Annabelle’s daughters that I couldn’t help but squee at the cute. 
Overall Rating

Author Info
Kristina Mathews doesn't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hand. Or in her head. But it wasn't until she turned forty that she confessed the reason the laundry never made it out of the dryer was because she was busy writing.
While she resigned from teaching with the arrival of her second son, she's remained an educator in some form. As a volunteer, parent club member or para educator, she finds the most satisfaction working with emergent and developing readers, helping foster confidence and a lifelong love of books.
Kristina lives in Northern California with her husband of more than twenty years, two sons and a black lab. A veteran road tripper, amateur renovator and sports fanatic. She hopes to one day travel all 3,073 miles of Highway 50 from Sacramento, CA to Ocean City, MD, replace her carpet with hardwood floors and serve as a “Ball Dudette” for the San Francisco Giants.

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