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Review Policy

Updated: August 5th, 2012.

My Review Style: My reviews are a composition of my thought and feeling about the books I read. If you send me your book to review, you can be sure that I will be honest and I will be direct. You will know exactly how I feel about your book by the conclusion of my review.

I include purchase links to Amazon, Powells, Book Depository and Barnes and Noble with every review. They are linked to associate accounts. I make a small percentage with every book sold using my link. It is not lucrative and whatever money I make is recycled back into the blog.

I employ a rating system of 1-5 stars. You can find more detail about that here.

What I Do Not Do:

  1. I do not hedge on my opinion. I will be honest, direct and forthright. I will also be kind and respectful. My mother reads this blog and if she caught me being nasty, I wouldn’t live it down.
  2. I will not alter my review in any way once it is posted—unless it is a typo. You may not like what is posted but you asked for my opinion and you got it.
  3. I do not write my own summaries. I copy/paste them from Goodreads. I am not writing a book report and writing a summary feels like that sometimes.
  4. I post reviews of ALL the books I read. Even the ones I did not like. I am not DNFer. You will get my unrestrained opinion whether I loved or hated the book. 
  5. I do not accept monetary compensation for my reviews.
  6. I do not read series out of order. I liked to read series in order. It’s not easy to write a review when you were confused throughout.
  7. I will not do interviews/guest posts/giveaways without having read the book. I will not help promote a book that I have not read.
  8. Most importantly, DO NOT send me a letter with your book telling me to give the book a 5 star rating on Amazon. It’s dishonest and it makes me feel bad about myself—and your book.
  9. I will not always respond to inquiries when not accepting the book for review.
  10. Don't repeatedly email me about your book if you've not heard back from me. I appreciate your interest but my time is limited and I cannot read every book I am offered.
And perhaps most importantly: I do not sell any ARCs I receive. Occasionally, I will host a giveaway with permission. I treat each book I receive with the respect it deserves.

Status: I am accepting review requests of both print and e-books. I do accept a very limited number of self-published titles mainly of the romance persuasion. Preference is always given to books in my preferred genres. as well as to authors and publishers I love and have worked with before.

 My reasons for non-acceptance could be that the book simply is not my preferred genre, it does not meet my review criteria, or the summary does not strike me as something I would be interested in reading. I am grateful for every review request I receive.

Email: My policy has always been to not respond to emails when I am not accepting the book for review. Not because I am being rude but, simply, I don't have the time to sit and email every author. I say no far more than I say yes so it would be very time consuming. However, it does not help your case to repeatedly email me about the book. I've said no once. That answer won't change. No means no, people.

Genres Reviewed: I am primarily a romance reader so my preferences always lead me in that direction but I will read the other genres below as well. The genres I don't accept for review are very strict. There are no exceptions.

Highly Preferred Genres: 


  • Historical (esp. Regencies, Highlander, Victorian, Irish, Pirate...anything really)-I have a huge weakness for rakes.
  • Contemporary-More huge weaknesses--tattooed heroes, motorcycle club series and bad boy heroes in general.
  • Western
  • Paranormal
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Steampunk-Just read my first one good.
  • New Adult-This is new for me but I love it. 

P.S. If your books have any of my Huge Weaknesses as stated above, they will be accepted almost instantly.

Preferred Genres

  • Young Adult (mainly paranormal and romance)
  • Historical Fiction (limited)
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Horror(limited)
  • Memoirs/Biography (limited)
  • Chick Lit
  • Cookbooks especially about desserts—I am a baker and will bake and review a recipe from the book with photos.

Genres I don’t accept: 

  • Science fiction
  • Self-help
  • Any type of religious or political book
  • Mysteries or Thrillers
  • Straight fantasy
  • anything "mob" related. It's just not my schtick and quite frankly, as an Italian-American, I find most of it offensive. 

    Note about Self-Published and Indie AuthorsI used to review these books as often as traditionally published books but now, given the rather hostile climate, I will accept a very VERY limited amount of self-published books for review because I am not ready to close that door completely...yet. I will accept books within my genres of preference only--there are no exceptions to this. I will also be more cautious about the authors I do accept. The books I currently have will be reviewed. I am just not willing to take the risk of being attacked if I don't like a book or don't get to it quick enough. This is a hobby and it should be a fun one but some authors seem to forget that. 

    A Note About Series: I am one of those crazy readers that will not review one book of a series without reading them all. If you request a review of a book that is a part of a series, please send previous books of the series as well. I don’t feel as if I can give a book in the middle of a series a fair review unless I have read the previous books. This is especially the case with YA series where everything that happened before is so important. I am a very quick reader so I will likely have the rest of the series completed and reviewed by the time the release date for the newest addition arrives.

    A Note About E-books: I am currently accepting e-books for review in ePub or PDF format through email or other methods. I do not accept Kindle books as I don’t have a Kindle.

    I do accept digital galleys/ARCs for review. Our preferred method of receiving e-galleys is through NetGalley, where we are a listed Review Organization Accepting NetGalley Titles.

    When Can You Expect The Review: I try to have reviews up in a timely fashion but sometimes real life interferes. I review every book I read so be assured your book will be reviewed. It may take me at least a while to get to it as my TBR is huge but I will get to it. If you have a specific date you would like your book reviewed by, please let me know and I will do my very best to accommodate that date.

    Also, repeated emails will not serve any other purpose than for me to put the book on the back burner. I am thankful that you sent me your book but I am human, I have a life, I have a huge TBR. Be assured that your book is on it. If it has taken me more than 6 months, please feel free to remind me. If has been less than 3 months, please be patient. Acceptance of a book for review does not guarantee a review because, as I have stated before, I have a life, a job and a family. I will, however, make every attempt to review the book. 

    Novels that are in my preferred genres will get precedence over others and any unsolicited books I may receive.

    Blog Tours: I am happy to participate in blog tours for books in my preferred genres. I do require a copy of the book for review if I am participating in a blog tour as I do not like to promote books that I cannot vouch for.

    Guest Posts and Interviews: I am happy to host authors for interviews and guest posts. I do require a copy of the book for review as well. Not only because it helps me to better promote the author with a review but I need to read the book to come up with questions and topics.

    Giveaways: I am happy to host giveaways of authors I have read and reviewed. If I have not read or reviewed the book, I am not likely to host a giveaway.

    Stats: I have above 1000 subscribers and followers via Google Friend Connect and RSS. I receive over 9,000 unique hits per month. I have been blogging for more than 5 years.

    Disclosure: The books I receive for review are provided by the publisher for my hones opinion. I was not compensated in any other way. I also review books I have purchased. The reviews of those books are similarly without prejudice or compensation other than the enjoyment of the book.

    I am affiliated with Amazon, Powells, and Indiebound.

    Copyright:-The content of this blog is mine and mine alone with the exceptions of cover images that belong to the publisher. My reviews are not to be copied without my permission.

    Contact Me: If you would like to contact me for a review or comment, please email me at or go to my Review Request form located here or below.

    You can also fill out this Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


    1. Hi Grace,

      The Kontact form on your contact me page isn't working. The captcha code keeps saying the wrong code was entered. Tried several times, with several different codes.

      I'd like to request a review. You can contact me at

      xoxo, Lexus

    2. Hi Grace,

      I found your blog through a friends website. I would love a review for my YA Novel. Thanks

      Heather Hendrix

    3. I found your site this morning and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your reviews (I came here via your review on Pillow Talk and laughed in agreement that I wanted to give Arlo a slap!)
      It makes me sad that you've had a bad experience with self-published authors. We need to be the best at our craft, the most professional in our attitude, to stand alongside traditionally published authors. I understand that reviews are perhaps more important for an indie but harassing a book reviewer, who gives their time for free, seems crazy!
      Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox and get back to finishing my next novel!



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